September 2014: Interview with Steven Pinker, poetry, pop linguistics advice, and continuing editathon plans

In September, I interviewed Steven Pinker about his new book, The Sense of Style, for which I also wrote a review.

I wrote about how rhythmic differences in language affect their poetry for Schwa Fire, season 1, issue 3 (working title: “Why Shakespeare didn’t write haikus”). Normally Schwa Fire is by subscription, but this one is available for free, at least for now, so do check it out!

I also wrote advice for writing pop linguistics articles. It’s of general interest, but you should especially check it out if you’re planning on pitching to me for Lexicon Valley. And another advice post for going to undergrad and student-focussed conferences.

Two interviews with me are now online: one with Grammarist and another as part of a longer article by Kyle Chayka on doge and the future of meme culture, up at Matter.

Continuing with Wikipedia editathon plans: the announcement is now up on the LSA’s website. I’m also organizing an editathon to happen in Montreal this fall, as a sort of trial run for the bigger LSA one. Not much about this online yet, but everyone I’ve talked to so far has been very excited about it!

Highlights of my recent writing for Lexicon Valley:

Selected blog posts: