I co-host a podcast called Lingthusiasm, a podcast that’s enthusiastic about linguistics, with Lauren Gawne of the blog Superlinguo. Here’s how one of our listeners describes the show:

It’s hard for podcasts about technical or specialist topics to strike the right balance between rigour and accessibility, but Lingthusiasm manages to. It feels like I’m listening in on a conversation between two of my most interesting friends :) (Amelia June on iTunes)

Lingthusiasm has regular monthly half-hour episodes on the third Thursday of the month, as well as monthly bonus content via Patreon. Each episode also has a shownotes page, with links to articles, memes, and so on discussed in the episode, and a transcript. We also occasionally quote memorable excerpts.

You can listen to Lingthusiasm on iTunes, Soundcloud, Google Play MusicYouTube or most other podcast apps via rss, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr. Our first few episodes:

  1. Speaking a common language won’t lead to world peace
  2. Pronouns: singular “they”, other languages, and solving the gay fanfiction pronoun problem
  3. A lingthusiastic review of the alien linguistics movie Arrival
  4. Inside the Word of the Year vote
  5. Colour words around the world and inside your brain
  6. All the sounds in all the languages – the International Phonetic Alphabet
  7. Kids these days aren’t ruining language
  8. People who make dictionaries: Review of Kory Stamper’s book Word by Word