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Gretchen McCulloch speaks about internet linguistics: how language is changing in the digital era and what this means for the way that we communicate with each other. View a short sample talk below, showing a depth of research from her New York Times bestselling book Because Internet and a keen delight in connecting with the audience.

Short talks

How Linguistics Can Help You Learn a Language for Duolingo’s annual conference, DuoCon 2021.

A Tongue-In-Cheek Proposal to Improve English Spelling (By Making It Worse) at the Festival of Bad Ad-hoc Hypotheses (BAHfest), a science comedy festival at MIT. Boston, 2019.

Long talks

The Linguistic Secrets Found in Billions of Emoji at South by Southwest (SXSW Interactive 2016). Slidesblog post, and full audio:

Internet linguistics: Why online language matters. Keynote at the Australian National University.

The linguistics of billions of emoji at Dawn or Doom, a conference about the future of technology at Purdue University, October 2016. Video:

Lingthusiasm liveshows

Lingthusiasm liveshows have been performed in Montreal, Sydney, and Melbourne. Audio of the liveshows is available at the links, or see this video episode of Lingthusiasm: