I’m an internet linguist: I analyze the language of the internet, for the people of the internet.

I’m the author of the New York Times bestselling Because Internet: Understanding the New Rules of Language, a pop linguistics book about internet language which is now available in paperback! See reviews and other media about Because Internet here or a longer description and online ordering links here. If you want to make sure you don’t miss any places where I might be doing future Because Internet events, you can sign up for my monthly email newsletter.

I’m the Resident Linguist at WIRED, where I write a column about internet language, and I was formerly the Resident Linguist at The Toast. Here’s a longer list of my short-form writing.

I’m the co-creator of Lingthusiasm, a podcast that’s enthusiastic about linguistics. Buzzfeed describes the show as “joyously nerdy” and others have said it’s “like I’m listening in on a conversation between two of my most interesting friends” — I’d suggest starting with our episode on When nothing means something.

Notable internet linguistics topics I’ve written or spoken about include:

When I’m not linguist-ing, I like fancy hats, indie ice cream shops, and fiction that expands my horizons.

Please note that my surname is not spelled the way that spellcheck thinks it is. If you’re writing it anywhere official, like a nametag, a contract, or an article, please double check! Here are some longer notes on pronouncing and spelling my name.

Want to interview me, or have me write, speak, or consult for you? Feel free to get in touch! Wondering what I’ve been up to lately? Check out the archives of my monthly email newsletter. Looking to generally hang out? You’re most likely to find me on twitter.