I’m writing a book about internet language and the future of English for a general audience, which will be published by Riverhead at Penguin in 2019.

You can sign up for very occasional email updates about the book here, if you want to make sure you don’t miss it on social media. If you’re a media person, the email list will also be providing instructions on how to get a review copy, when the time comes. Or, for cryptic snippets of the writing process (mostly me fighting with spellcheck), check out my #amwriting tweets.

My editor is Courtney Young at Riverhead Books, and my agent is Howard Yoon at RossYoon Agency.

Here are the blog posts I’ve written about the book so far:

  1. I’m writing a book about internet language!
  2. I have a (very rough) draft
  3. I talked with The Ringer about why I’m lowercasing “internet” in the book
  4. I have a full draft, with chapters and paragraphs
  5. I’m moving from developmental edits into line edits (aka, from battling a horse-sized duck to battling a hundred duck-sized horses)