July 2014: Ling Camp wrapup and crowdsourced linguistics

I’m starting a new way of getting updates about my linguistic activities: summary blog posts on my website approximately once a month. My blog, All Things Linguistic, continues to update daily, and I continue to write for Slate’s language blog, Lexicon Valley, and elsewhere, but if you’d rather get a highlights version or you prefer to subscribe to things via email, that’s what these posts are for. They’ll also be a useful record, as All Things Linguistic by now has a considerable archive. You can subscribe via email using the “follow” button at the side, via rss, or just check my website and probably other social media profiles.

In July, I taught two linguistics sessions to 9-14 year olds at Explorations summer camp in Montreal. I wrote summary blog posts each week with the activities we did and some reflections on the experience.

Highlights of my recent writing for Lexicon Valley:

Selected blog posts:

For August, I’m starting a new project on crowdsourced linguistics, which you can read about here.